Hello I'm Debbie and i am the owner of willow tree holistics.
I have a beautiful cabin in the grounds of my house.
I wanted to make the cabin a special place to come and relax and enjoy your time here. Painted in white with purple covers making it have a calm,relaxed feel to it. Part of the cabin is made into a shop full of beautiful crystals to buy if you wish.
I love working with crystals,so any chance i get to use them in a treatment i will. I have been a Holistic Therapist for many years now and love every minute of it. I am very lucky to love the job i do.
I started my Holistic journey with Reiki. At the time i was still working as a hairdresser and wanted to get into something else. Once I learned it that was it I loved it.
We then moved to France, so I didn't really get to use it much only on family. When returned to the UK. I had given up the hairdressing and wanted to start a holistic business so i first trained as a reflexologist. i ended up doing a masters in Reiki. I was already trained in beauty so i started with massages and the beauty end and reflexology, reiki. 
One day I had a client who was out of balance and I thought to myself I need to balance her chakras. With that in mind, I looked up and saw an angel at the bottom of the couch. I told my friend the next day and she told me that he was a powerful arc angel called meteton who clears chakras. Amazed by this i looked into working with angels and then trained to be a Angelic Reiki Master. I have never looked back this was the best thing i have ever done working with Arc Angels and Asendent Masters. The energy is powerful, beautiful and humble. 
I have always loved crystals and one day i was massaging a client and was drawn to using clear quartz crystal on her back. The client told me she could feel things being pulled out of her back where i laid the crystal. so next step was to learn everything i could about these amazing crystals and became an Advanced crystal Healer.
The last treatment i learned was Rahanni. Because of my love of angels i was drawn to this. Learning how to use angels on different parts of the body. I have now become a teacher of rahanni and angelic reiki and i would love because to feel and work with angels. 
Love and Light 
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